Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost 2 years without a! What's new? Oh yeah, I recently got married!:P
I'm totally still in newly-wed-bliss-stage;P And I want to journal that short & sweet story of my life...but I have to collect my thoughts first, so for a start maybe I'll note some small details: 1. It wasn't planned. Yes, we only had 4 days to prepare everything including buying our "dummy" wedding rings. 2. No, I'm not pregnant...I just wish I am and how I wish I am. 3. My husband is not a victim of "pikot". Of course not! *loads gun*...hahaha

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  1. congratulations sis!nagulat din ako ng makita ko sa FB yung pictures nyo. hihi pero congrats talaga. you look so super happy. blooming na blooming lang. =D