Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost 2 years without a! What's new? Oh yeah, I recently got married!:P
I'm totally still in newly-wed-bliss-stage;P And I want to journal that short & sweet story of my life...but I have to collect my thoughts first, so for a start maybe I'll note some small details: 1. It wasn't planned. Yes, we only had 4 days to prepare everything including buying our "dummy" wedding rings. 2. No, I'm not pregnant...I just wish I am and how I wish I am. 3. My husband is not a victim of "pikot". Of course not! *loads gun*...hahaha

Sunday, November 28, 2010


"Luma kong Tsinelas"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black & White Photography

I always have this compulsion to turn my photos to black & white when I'm taking candid shots of people.

Why black & white?

When the colors are out, you tend to pay more attention on the subject itself and as to what it is telling you... makes you feel more with less...

Monotones just have this classic feel. And sometimes i think we become overly concerned on colors and luminance and everything that it is almost overwhelming, to the point that we're missing on the most important part of the shot... which is to convey... to speak up to whomever is looking at that photo... to tell a story.

Speaking of telling a story, PEBA have an on-going photo contest and your's truly is one of the participants;P

We do hope you could check out the PEBA Photo Contest and vote for my entry as well as other entries that conveys a message... speak to you... and tell you a story;)

Happy-Snaps! ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Iphone Photography

Nikki-tip: I took all these pictures using my iphone and tweak it using the PS Express app, see you don't need high-end cameras, sometimes all you need is a little imagination...Happy-Snaps;P

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for Great Portraits

I think this is an easy to understand straightforward tips on how to come up with good portraits photographs so I wanted to share it with you guys and i hope you will learn something from this very good video tutorial because i did learn a enjoy;)


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rescue Operation


Sunog kumbaga sa tagalog... ang term ng mga photographer kapag overexposed or sobrang bright ng image...

I had a lot of overexposed images and I feel like it's my responsibility to rescue those I was browsing the youtube, I came to this Lightroom tutorial on how to use the gradient filter function.

I downloaded a free-trial version of Lightroom 3 for my laptop, and followed the instruction on that tutorial and applied it on my image. Okay w/o so much ado...this is the image I touched-up...

Below is the screen shot of before and after image:

You can see the big difference from the original photo. I know that there are other people who are skeptic on post-processed photos but there are instances that photos might have gone wrong (bright light coming from the sun, shadows, low-light...etc) no matter how good the photographer is. For me, as long as you do it for the justice of the beauty of an image you want to share to other people it's fine.

"Gusto kong makita niyo ang kulay at ganda ng mga bagay ng nakita ko at mamahangha katulad ko"...

Nikki-tip: Some of my friends keep asking me for some tips, I didn't attend any formal training, but there are a lot of tutorials out in youtube, blogs and websites such as Digital Photography School (one of the photography links included at the side of this blog). You got to read and read, surf and surf...and of course practice and practice and practice whatever you have learned...kahit ako inuulit-ulit ko pa rin sa sarili ko until now...So, happy-snaps;P

Thursday, August 26, 2010

my bestfriend's model...

my bestfriend just bought a DSLR...wooohooo! magdiwang...and honestly my interest in photography started because of her, nung hi-skul pa lang kame parati nyang dala ang camera niya noon...oo yung di-film, meron pa nga yang camera na yung luma na may rotation button kada-shot...iikot mo tapos shot, tapos iikot mo uli bago ka magshot ulet para maadjust yung rolyo ng film sa loob...hehehe (super old school). Mayaman sya dahil anak-OFW siya kaya marami syang pampadevelop noon....hehehe

okay, so ano ba to? picture, malamang:P pagbigyan nyo na ko malapit na bday ko...hehehe. Nung nagbakasyon kame sa pinas malamang ako ang ginawa nilang malupet na utusan na lahat ng pics ko (extra lang ako lagi) kulang na lang lumuhod ako at magmakaawa na makapagpapicture...jowk! so naawa naman saken ang bestfriend ko kaya lahat ng kuha ko e shot what's the point nga deth? okay in short gusto ko lang siya iencourage na may innate talent siya sa photography

kase ang gaganda ng shots niya saken:)) or pde rin na talagang cute lang ako:P (nyahahaha!!!)

Nikki-Tip: encourage you're friends who have the talent in photography to go for it...may photoshoot buddy ka na, may photographer ka pa...hehehe;) Happy Snaps!